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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Eliminate Shin Splints with 2 Exercises (That you haven't heard of)

Eliminate Shin Splints while creating World-Class Ankles, Resistant to Injury and Pain by Carving out Mobility within the Ankle Joint and Strengthening the Shin.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (AKA Shin Splints) are often falsely treated at as an overuse injury that you simply need to rest, manage or live with.

Please take 2 minutes and it could save you time, money and pain while improving performance!

This article will teach you the theory as well as how to implement Weighted Ankle Rotations and Tibialis Raises. 

Weighted Ankle Rotations

Weighted Ankle Rotations Set Up

Tibialis Raise

The fundamental approach to this unique ankle exercise is Strength through Length. Read more on this approach and How to Create Lasting Mobility 👈


Both of these exercises can be done alongside any other training program, or in season! Use as needed, however, I have found the best results when adding these exercises to my routine twice per week. 

(1-3 times/week)

Tibialis Raise 
Start by leaning against a wall, and simply raise your toes up as high as possible towards the ceiling. You want to squeeze the muscle. The movements should be slow and controlled, as seen in the demo video!

3x15-20 (single leg if needed)

Weighted Ankle Rotations
For this exercise, you need a weight of some kind (a dumbbell works great) and a strip of Theraband (less than 10$). Most gyms will have something you can use! Simply strap the weight as seen in the video. It is important that you start light! You want to feel a burn, not be struggling to control the weight!



You might think you can take care of your ankles by simply stretching out your calves and do calf raises. This is the general approach most people (including me) get exposed to if you sprain an ankle or have problems such as Shin Splints. Often even this is neglected within programs!

There are a couple problems with this:

  1. This does not address the muscles responsible for ankle Dorsi-Flexion. (Tibialis Anterior, EHL, EDL, Peroneus Tertius) 
  2. This does not strengthen the Tendons and Ligaments within the ankle.

Training the calves without the antagonist muscles (Tibialis Anterior) will cause a muscle imbalance. This results in pain and overuse of the muscles in the shin (Shin Splints). 

But what if I don't have pain or shin splints?

Balanced muscle groups will always allow for greater performance of BOTH opposing muscles. If one side is weak, your body will inhibit the force a stronger muscle is able to produce, in order to reduce the chance of injury.

Your body is smart!!

Send this article to someone you know who suffers from shin splints or sore, tired feet! 

Thank you for reading,

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The information above is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is always better to see your doctor before starting any type of rehabilitation to ensure you are properly diagnosed.

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