Growing up I was never the best athlete. I was pretty quick and could run, but I was never able to use my athleticism to my advantage....

Growing up I was never the best athlete. I was pretty quick and could run, but I was never able to use my athleticism to my advantage. On top of that I was small, like the smallest dude on the court nearly every time I played. This often made it tough to compete growing up, and forced me to rely on skill and finesse to make teams or even get onto the court in games. Although this was often not enough, as I rode the bench most of my high school career and had been cut from club teams for being "too small" But still, after high school I played at a small university before cracking the University of Manitoba Bison roster a couple years later.

So what changed? Well going into my senior season I became sick of being overlooked and I purchased a program online called "The Jump Manual". I trained my butt off throughout the whole summer, never missing a day. And when I came back to school I was a transformed as an athlete. From not being able to touch the rim, to hanging on it with two hands. But what changed the most was my confidence and my aggression as an athlete. I began to attack the rim more often and became a different player. And the rest is for another time. 

Fast forward to a couple years ago and I had finished up playing basketball in university and all I wanted to do was dunk a basketball only being six feet tall. I had dunked before once or twice but I wanted to slam it!

I tell my journey as an athlete only to help out the younger athletes I see around the game as a coach and trainer. Not having things come easy for me has given me perspective on what the last kid on the bench is going through. Although I have not had great success as a player compared to others, I think something can be learned from my journey. 

Training and sports are a journey, not a destination. What I mean by that is, training to dunk for the first time or to make a team should not be the only reason why you are training! If it is, then at some point you will quit when you fail for the first time, the second time or the tenth time. 

Train to succeed long term, and you will either surpass all the competition or learn enough to teach others! 

If this provided some insight or motivation to you please share!

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Since starting Bounce Evolution I have learned a lot through my experience working with athletes, as well as doing research on the scienc...

Since starting Bounce Evolution I have learned a lot through my experience working with athletes, as well as doing research on the science behind becoming a better athlete overall. One of the most important components of becoming a better athlete is avoiding injury. Injuries are part of training, and if can be difficult to avoid them without having setbacks. Even with proper training and rest it is still possible to develop injuries. However, it is a continued focus of mine to minimize risk of injury as much as possible. Here are a few important things I have learned.

Important: Read through this whole post before downloading program at the bottom.

Warm up

Proper warm up is often neglected. I remember growing up not having a proper warm up routine until I was in university. It can be easy to neglect a proper warm up, especially when training clients or coaching athletes who show up late and do not put effort into their warm up. In order to prevent injury this has become a point of emphasis of mine. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by being lazy. Take the time before every workout to warm up properly. You will also see your performance improve!  See some of the warm ups we use at Bounce Evolution here


This is a big one. As an athlete it is imperative to give your body time to rest and recover. If you are constantly breaking your body down without taking time to rest you not only greatly increasing your chances of injury, but you will also take away from your physiological adaptations.  I have noticed that many of today's young athletes are not resting enough. With the rise of club and AAU sports, young athletes are getting less and less of an off season, but instead are playing year round in their respective sport. This is something I will get into in future blog posts. The main point I am trying to make is that in order to truly improve as an athlete, an off season is imperative.This is when you can let your body heal, and then begin to build up your body for the next season. Simply playing all year round will lead to overuse injuries, burnout and cause athletes to hit their athletic peak much too early. 
This is something I have come across with parents and even more with coaches, who have actually refused to rest their players during training periods despite our programming asking for rest time. I have learned to put my foot down in these types of situations in order to protect the athletes from injury.


Every athlete starts at a different point when they begin their journey to becoming a better athlete. This is due to chronological age, training age, gender and genetics. I have learned through my own athletic career and meeting many other young athletes that many trainers (including myself when I started!) and especially online programs (jump manual, vert shock ect.)  neglect proper preparation before beginning a training program. I have decided to provide a free 3 week program, designed to prepare athletes for the vigorous nature of jump training. This can be used to prepare to join the Bounce Evolution training program this summer, or any other program online. 

Download the free program here